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Mama Castle is a professional postpartum management company that introduces the best vetted postpartum caretakers to your home so that you can focus on resting and enjoying time with your baby comfortably and safely.

In Korea, specialized companies for postpartum care and hospitals and facilities for pregnant women after childbirth are well established, but in the United States, these facilities are not up to par. Moreover, in a current busy lifestyle, there are many times when it is difficult to ask family members for postpartum care. You may have a lot of questions about your first childbirth, and there are many difficulties you may encounter during postpartum care. We, Mama Castle, provide a solution by connecting you with the best qualified postpartum care provider. We will work hard to become a Mama Castle that does its best to satisfy all mothers, newborns, and postpartum caretakers. thank you.



Rosa Lee


Nice to meet you.

Do you have any difficulties with postpartum care for the first time? I also came to the United States for postpartum care for my grandchildren, and while I was taking care of my grandchildren, I was filled with regrets as I saw the poor environment for postpartum care in the US.

While working as a postpartum caregiver, I always do my best to serve the mothers and children who have passed through my hands for 15 years in the United States, and the joy that comes from this makes me feel like I have another family.

It is my pride and pleasure to be with care workers in the same industry through my know-how and my network for 15 years through Mama Castle.

We always promise to do our best.

Julie Lim

Director / Registered Nurse


I am very happy to be able to work with Director Rosa at Mama Castle.

Postpartum care is a very important process in life. The process of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care is a period that requires careful care.

Mama Castle trains and equips the caregivers with professional postpartum care knowledge and training so that they can provide postpartum care services more professionally.


“To introduce my caregiver briefly, she was a nurse in Korea. The caregiver brought a detailed checklist of all important baby activities. Including stool, urine, and temperature. Also, the caregiver provided breast massage, stomach massage, foot massage, and facial massage. 

 My baby went to the hospital a lot, and my caregiver told me to rest at home and went to the hospital for me.

Above all, thank you so much for taking good care of the baby.

I recommend her.”

“At the first interview, my caregiver looked calm and had a good impression, and above all, knew how to take care of the baby. I decided to work with her since I knew she would care my newborn with love. 

First of all, the food is really good. As those of you who have experienced childbirth will know, everything is annoying and annoying, but I think I was relieved a lot by eating delicious food. 

And not only did the food taste good, but she was also neat and tidy, 

And most of all, I think she cared for our baby with love, and she kindly taught and advised me on taking care of my first child. 

If you listen to the people around you, you hear that some postpartum caregivers are assertive, so they have problems with mothers and other family members. Aunt Rosa seems to be very good at what she does and gets along with everyone very well.

Need a postpartum caregiver?

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Jae Bum Jang
Jae Bum Jang
Hyun mee emo recently caring my new born niece, but not only her, she perfectly and comfortably cares our whole family so much. I was worried how to handle things after pregnancy of my sister who just gave birth to my niece, but Hyun Mee totally made our life easier. We’ve only reservated for 4 weeks, but I regret that Hyun Mee staying with for that time. Big appreciation toward Hyun Mee emo and I highly suggest people who don’t know how to take care of circumstances after pregnancy care. 현미 이모님 너무 감사합니다!!
마마캐슬을 통해 신디 이모님을 만날 수 있었던 건 저에게 정말 큰 행운과 축복이었습니다. 처음 인터뷰를 통해 뵈었던 신디 이모님은 밝은 얼굴과 긍정적인 태도의 첫인상을 받았고 산모와 아기를 어떻게 돌보실 것인지에 대해 말해주실 때에는 자신감과 사명감을 느낄 수 있었습니다. 본격적으로 산후조리가 시작되었을 때에는 산모의 휴식과 회복이 우선이라며 온전히 쉴 수 있는 시간을 주셨고 가슴마사지, 전신마사지, 좌욕, 족욕, 스트레칭을 통해 빠른 회복을 도와주셨습니다. 신생아를 돌보아 주실 때에는 정말 아기를 사랑하는 마음을 느낄 수 있었고 아기의 컨디션과 필요한 부분을 정확히 아셔서 산후조리 할 동안 아기가 잘 먹고 잘 자고 잘 자랄 수 있었습니다. 음식솜씨 또한 뛰어나셔서 아기를 돌보는 시간 외에는 늘 주방에 계셨고 다양한 메뉴와 영양이 풍부한 식사를 매끼마다 제공해 주셨습니다. 남편이 출근할 때에는 도시락과 간식거리를 싸주셨고 산후조리 마지막 날 가시기 전까지 요리해주셔서 냉장고, 냉동실에 앞으로 먹을 음식들로 가득 채워주시고 가셨습니다. 늘 웃는 얼굴로 대해주시고 저와 남편을 자식같이 여기시며 저의 아기를 친손주처럼 사랑해주셨습니다. 마마캐슬을 통해 산후조리를 알아보시는 분들께 신디이모님을 적극 추천해드리며 리뷰로 대신할 수는 없지만 다시한번 감사의 말씀을 전하고 싶습니다.
Anne Kim
Anne Kim
I had Mary Yu auntie as my post partum nanny and I cannot recommend her and Mama Castle enough. She took care of our newborn day and night and cooked amazing food for myself and my husband during my postpartum period. I could not have survived the first few weeks without her help and I highly recommend Mama Castle.
Joyce Kim
Joyce Kim
Susan Chong was an amazing nanny to my baby. She was very knowledgeable about infant care and attentive to the baby’s conditions. Her kind heart and gentleness were exactly what I needed as we welcomed a premature baby home. Mrs. Chong eventually became part of our family and we still miss her. I highly recommend her!
michelle lee
michelle lee
My postpartum nanny was auntie Grace Jeon. She was an amazing nanny to have for both me and my son! She works really hard day and night to fulfill our needs and her cooking is amazing! We had the best meals prepped by her and she even prepares a Korean herbal sitzbath for you to heal faster. Auntie Grace also helped me with my breast engorgement when my milk was coming in by offering a breast massage. It relieved a lot of pressure and help my milk come in a lot smoother. I highly recommend Grace Jeon as she is a very skilled and knowledgeable caregiver. She’s very thoughtful and cares for you and baby like her own daughter and grandchild.
Soo Lee
Soo Lee
I highly recommended Grace Jeon이모님! She was very experienced and i am so thankful that i had her. She took very great care of our newborn daughter day and night. She also took very good care of me as part of my postpartum care. She prepped for 쑥좌욕 and breast massage for breast feeding and much more. She gave me insightful tips on how to care for my baby, her advice was invaluable. Due to her attentive care, I was able to get back on my feet and recover much more quickly than otherwise. Grace was very hard-working, she made sure everything was taken care of. She treated my daughter like her own. Her cooking was amazing, it was so delicious, better than any other Korean restaurants! Thank you so much Grace and Mama Castle!
Seong Kim
Seong Kim
Ruby is such an amazing nanny! I’m a new parent to a two month old baby girl. Ruby is an extremely experienced professional who taught me everything from feeding, breastfeeding and pumping, bathing, and reading cues. She prepared clean healthy Korean meals 3 times a day and made sure that my husband and I were well fed. She also made barley tea for me everyday to make sure I was well hydrated which helped my milk production. She looked after our girl a few evenings for me and my husband to go out and have dinner with our friends, and we completely trusted her to take care of her during those evenings. But most importantly she truly loves and adores babies. She is a knowledgeable loving and hardworking nanny & I highly recommend her to anyone. Note: if you run into milk duck clog issue, she does an amazing job with massage to get rid of it.
Stephanie Park
Stephanie Park
산후조리 Glasia 깨서 해주신 음식이 제 몸을 회복하는데 많은 도움이 됬습니다! 아이도 잘 다루시고 마사지도 정성을 다해 해주셔서 마음 편히 산후조리 할수 있었어요! 제 의견을 존중해주고 마음을 다해 아이를 돌봐주셔서 감사했습니다!
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